Monday, February 20, 2006

Farmers usually buy plants from a nursery. The Government nurseries of Karnataka I found was far better than commercial ones in terms of variety of plants. Also if you only showed the registration of your land you could get coconut saplings free, teak trees for less than five rupees and many other such benefits. A visit to such a nursery makes you realise how much the Indian government is doing for India and why since independence India is making progress so rapidly.
Enter to buy plants. Posted by Picasa
Suran to grow. Posted by Picasa
Plants for sale. Posted by Picasa
Plant nursery architecture. Posted by Picasa
Coconut saplings. Posted by Picasa
Cows provide manure at the nursery. Posted by Picasa
Plant nursery. Posted by Picasa
Many shades of green. Posted by Picasa
Grafted plants for sale. Posted by Picasa
Many choices of plants for sale at a Government nursery. Posted by Picasa
Plants for sale.
Women staff at a plant nursery.
Rubber tree saplings as far as the eye can see in a nursery.
Infant coconut trees.
Coconut leaves provide protection from sunlight to growing tree saplings.
Coconut saplings in a nursery.
Hybrid, grafted, and budded plants are available in the nurseries. Below is a description of the grafting of a cashew sapling with superior stems in a Government owned nursery near Mangalore.
The twigs that will be used for grafting.
Heads off for the cashew sapling thats to be grafted.
Making the cut.
Unions to last a lifetime. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 17, 2006

One of the greatest tools used in India is called the Itachi and available for rent for rupees 750 for an hour. It does the work that men take weeks to do by hand in a couple of days. Some work like pulling out tough roots might even be impossible for man takes only seconds for the Itachi to accomplish. I would not recommend getting in to farming in India without an Itachi.
Behold the itachi. Posted by Picasa
The wonder machine called itachi. Posted by Picasa
Canals are quickly formed when you have a itachi. Posted by Picasa
The giant roots are carried by truck to make boundaries to protect sand from flowing away during the rains. Posted by Picasa
Clearing the land of roots that will not allow other plants to grow. Posted by Picasa
Road made by the itachi. Posted by Picasa
Well dug by the itachi. Posted by Picasa
Holes dug by the itachi. Posted by Picasa
Holes dug by the itachi. Posted by Picasa